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Sliding pergola SUNTECH EVA is the best selling solution with a sliding roof. Thanks to its characteristics, the pergola may be installed within 90% of projects (family houses, flats, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and other commercial use). You may install this pergola to the house wall or anchor it in the ceiling (tampering, balcony and others). Sliding pergola EVA may be anchored even on a wooden building with a horizontally located anchoring prism or, with use of a special anchoring profile, also on a wooden building with vertically located bearing prisms. The webs of the aluminium pergola with a sliding roof are made of a profile sized 80 x 50 and may be fitted in prepared concrete feet or with use of ground screws. The water is drained either by freely flowing over the front fabric profile or, for a surcharge, inside the webs with use of a front drain profile.

SUN SYSTEM, s.r.o. is a certified business partner of the manufacturer, SUNTECH, for the Czech and Slovak Republic and Austria.

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The sliding pergola is made of extruded aluminium profiles of the highest quality that are treated with a powder colour and a folding roof made of 3-layer PVC. The most important part of the pergola comprises transverse beams (1-rafter) with the size of 135 x 54 mm in all versions (without a reinforcement slat, with a reinforcement slat or with a drain profile). Another indispensable part comprises aluminium pergola webs (1 and 7-post) sized 135 x 54 mm that may be supplied with or without a reinforcement profile. If you choose the option with a drain profile, the webs are sized 95 x 80 mm. If you are interested in the best selling version of the EVA pergola with a drain profile, you should consider the drain profile dimensions (6 - gutter). The size of this profile is 130 x 120 mm.


Aluminium pergolas with a sliding roof have certain parameters for successful installation and evaluation of their possible use for your terrace. We recommend you to learn about the possible minimum and maximum recommended gradient of the pergolas, the size of the roof protecting the sliding canvas and the height of the rolled-on PVC fabric. Exact technical parameters of sliding pergolas will be discussed with you by our business manager at the place of installation.


The entire sliding pergola structure is treated with a powder colour made by Pulver. The basic colours without surcharge include the “Basic colours” comprising 6 colours (RAL9016, RAL1013, RAL9006, RAL7006, RAL7016 and RAL9005). These colours are painted in the smooth - glossy version. Another colour of the “Exclusive colours” collection that is without any surcharge and belongs among the most favourite ones is ON617. For a surcharge, you may also choose from the extensive collection “Exclusive colours and Texture colours” or any other colour from the RAL collection.

The pergola sliding roof is made of 3-layer PVC fabric produced by a German manufacturer. As concerns the base version, you may choose from the Collection of fabrics “Basic, Exclusive and Matt” that comprise 7 fabrics indicated as “blackout”, i.e. non-transparent. For a surcharge, you may choose a fabric that is transparent, but keeps the airtight properties of the basic fabrics. A disadvantage of these fabrics indicated as “Transparent” includes visibility of impurities on the upper side of the fabric.


Sliding pergola EVA may be constructed with 1, 2 and 3 modules. The maximum size of the pergola with a single module (2 webs) is 4,500 x 6,000 mm, with two modules (3 webs) it is 9,000 x 6,000 mm and the largest size is supplied with three-modules (4 webs), i.e. 13,000 x 6,000 mm. The number of webs for each module cannot be changed for this pergola. Pergolas with a sliding roof may be connected side by side and thus they may create shading of any length.


As concerns sliding pergolas, thanks to the perfectly stretched PVC fabric rainwater is drained to a drain profile located in the front part. Water is drained through the drain profile to a hole that is drilled at the web site. The water drain is visible (free) and ensured by means of a drain feet. So the space under the pergola will always be perfectly dry.


Screen roller blinds ZIPSCREEN serve as a protection against various weather conditions (sun, wind or rain) and also to protect privacy under the pergola. Screen roller blinds are equipped with an extruded box with different sizes depending on the dimension (width). The dimensions of the guide profile that is fixed with use of stainless steel screws in the pergola web are 46 x 32 mm. A PVC insert is located inside the profile that is a part of the so-called ZIP system. We will adjust the colour of the aluminium profiles to the entire pergola structure.


The fabric of roller blinds comprises glass or polyester fibres with a coating layer of PVC from the leading European manufacturers Sergé Ferrari and Copaco. The fabric edges are equipped with a “zipper” that is located in a guide profile. Thanks to this ZIP system the screen roller blinds resist up to 72 km/h (20 m/s) of gust wind. The most striking feature of screen roller blinds includes maintaining of the contact with the environment when looking through the fabric at daylight. To the contrary, the fabric is fully transparent upon the night lighting located under the pergola (so it does not protect your privacy at night). The technical fabric of screen roller blinds is fully maintenance-free.


Lighting that is integrated inside the fabric profiles belongs among the most favourite accessories. It concerns LED lighting that we supply exclusively in white colour. Lighting in the standard version is controlled by means of the ON/OFF function. When using a dimmer, the lighting intensity may be regulated to 0%, 33%, 66% and 100%.

Wall electrical heat lamps of various power outputs that we supply in different colours and with interesting accessories serve to heat the pergola space. Heat lamps are supplied with the efficiency from 1,500 W to 2,500 W and the radiation intensity may be set on the remote control device at 0%, 33%, 66% and 100%.


The pergola may only be operated electronically with use of a specially located tube drive SOMFY with an in-built radio receiver. We supply the control systems from SOMFY (a French company; products with a 5-year guarantee). The pergola is operated with use of a portable remote control device that is supplied in several versions - various numbers of control channels, possibility of scenarios or operation in a certain time. The control system accessories include various types of sensors reacting to weather changes - sun, wind and rain. When using the Connexoon or Tahoma system, you may operate the pergola by means of a smartphone, tablet or computer.


Professional assembly of sliding pergolas ensures long life of your product, safe operation and many other benefits. The pergola is installed by 2-3 assembly technicians who were trained by the supplier. For better handling upon installation we use special assembly equipment that is fit for assembly and will ensure a better manipulation with the roll-on and reduce the probability of its damaging. The installation takes approximately 1-2 days depending on the conditions, building preparedness and accessories.

The sliding pergola may be anchored to the house wall or in the ceiling. In the case of mounting on the wall or ceiling, it is important to check the heating parameters and the composition of the entire house wall (insulation thickness, insulation material, wall thickness, the masonry material, etc.). If it concerns installation in an uninsulated façade, we use threaded rods with a certified chemical mortar. In the case that the masonry is insulated, we use the Fischer Thermax anchor screws in combination with a certified chemical mortar. We custom-tailor every project, and therefore we are able to ensure auxiliary consoles and profiles for successful and secure anchoring.

Firm anchoring of the pergola webs in the front part is important. If it concerns installation on a concrete base plate or a concrete foot, we use screws for concrete or threaded rods in combination with a certified chemical mortar. Provided that the customer does not have a possibility to build concrete feet, we perform the installation with use of screw piles.


The delivery deadline for this folding pergola is 8 weeks. Depending on the design, colour, accessories and special requirements it may be extended. The delivery deadline may affect the current production load and installation capacities (you will be notified of such fact upon consultancy and measuring).

The guarantee period provided by the manufacturer is 24 months and applies to the pergola, including the SOMFY electric drive. The guarantee is only applicable provided that the product is used and maintained in accordance with the instructions included in the user manual.


This version of pergolas is fully maintenance-free and therefore, it does not require any special maintenance. We recommend to clean the structure and fabric time to time with clean water without use of any detergents. The guttering and the drain hole in the upper part of the roof should be cleaned from any impurities, such as leaves and other.

We recommend you to visit a showroom before the sliding pergola installation. This pergola with a folding roof EVA is displayed in Prague, Skalice, Žilina, Košice and Bratislava.

Advantages of sliding pergolas EVA

  • 40-year manufacturing tradition and above-standard guarantee of 24 months
  • 7 structure colours and 7 fabrics without any surcharge
  • resistance against strong wind up to 110 km/h
  • 100% waterproof roof PVC fabric from a German manufacturer
  • extruded screen roller blinds in the pergola colour
  • an option of an integrated white LED lighting
  • a large size of a single module of up to 4,500 x 6,000 mm
  • maximum pergola size of up to 13,000 x 6,000 mm

Estimated price

Product type Aluminium pergola with a sliding roof EVA
Width 4,000 mm
Depth 3,000 mm
Colour RAL 7016
Operated by the SOMFY radio drive
Version Pergola with a drain profile anchored to the house


Price € 3 165

Technical information

  • A product for life
  • Colour palette
  • The best selling product
  • Protection against sun
  • Wind resistance
  • An option of electrical operation
  • Affordable
  • Efficient shading
  • Rain resistance
  • Snow resistance

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