Are you bothered with a complicated entrance to your plot? Are you looking for a sliding gate with a modern look? Do you wish to acquire a maintenance-free solution? Aluminium fences satisfy all these requirements.


  • Entrance gates for pedestrian

    Entrance gates for pedestrian

    An integral part of any fencing is the entrance gate for pedestrian. Sun System entrance gates are manufactured in the same designs as our fences and entrance gates, so the overall fencing of your property will form one harmonious whole.

  • Entrance gate operators

    Entrance gate operators

    If you opt for an entrance gate with a handy remote control, here you will find a range of electric operators and motors.

  • Entrance gates for cars

    Entrance gates for cars

    Modern homes inherently include entrance gates for cars that are not only elegant but also practical. Sun System's entrance gates combine maximum durability, maintenance-free operation and refined design to win over even the most demanding clients.

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