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An awning created for the most demanding areas. Its maximum width is up to 18 meters, which makes it a queen among the awnings. Stability is ensured by up to 6 articulated arms, so you do not need to be afraid about wind.

The large-scale awning STOBAG RESOBOX is a suitable solution to shade really large areas. This product has been designed to shade summer terraces, coffee shops, restaurants or hotels. Thanks to its robust structure and extremely strong articulated arms the awning may be made with the maximum width of 18,000 mm (with a ruffle the width is 14,000 mm). The gradient may be set from 0° to 40°. The shading may be installed on the wall or in the ceiling. Thanks to the technological solution, this system is resistant against wind up to 39 km/h and with the gradient exceeding 15° it will protect you against light rain.

Our company SUNSYSTEM is the largest partner of the top Swiss shading technique branded STOBAG for the Czech and Slovak Republic and Austria.

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The cover of this cassette awning is made of an acrylic fabric made by Sattler, an Austrian manufacturer who belongs among the world leaders, as concerns fabrics for exterior awnings. You may choose from the basic “Uni” collection without any surcharge. Fabrics from the “Brilliant” collection have been very interesting and very popular in the last years. The offer also includes special fabrics with reduced flammability indicated as “Fire” that are suitable for restaurants, coffee shops or other commercial entities.


The awning structure is made of extruded aluminium profiles that are treated with a powder painting of the highest quality using the IGP brand. The basic colours of the “Classic Colours” collection comprise 16 colours - both glossy and matted. For a surcharge, you may choose from the “Trend” or “Rainbow” collection. Selection of any colour from the RAL swatch is granted.


The maximum awning size is 18,000 x 4,000 mm (excluding the drop-down ruffle) or 14,000 x 4,000 mm (including the drop-down ruffle). The SOMFY WT drive (impulse operation with use of a switch on the wall) is normally used. Using of radio drives SOMFY RTS with use of a remote control device or the currently very popular SOMFY IO drive series with a feedback is granted. These drives may be operated by a control device, smartphone, tablet or computer.


The drop-down ruffle is supplied with an acrylic fabric (maximum height of 120 cm) from the STOBAG collection or with a special fabric from the “Sergé” and “Soltis” collections (maximum height of 170 cm). It concerns technical fabrics made of glass fibre equipped with a PVC layer. These fabrics are currently very popular, as they ensure contact with the environment even when they are pulled up. The ruffle may only be operated with use of a handle on the front profile.


The favourite accessories include lighting that is located on the protective box on the bottom part of the awning. Lighting is supplied in the white or RGB (coloured) version. It is also possible to equip the awning with a heater installed on the wall under the awning.


This version of awnings is fully maintenance-free and therefore, it does not require any special maintenance. We recommend occasional cleaning of the structure and fabric with water or gentle washing-up liquid.

Advantages of Resobox awnings

  • a high-quality product “Made in Switzerland”
  • Above-standard extended 5-year guarantee
  • 16 structure colours without any surcharge
  • STOBAG collection with more than 300 fabrics
  • wind resistant Wind Class 3 - up to 49 km/h
  • maximum awning size is 18,000 x 4,000 mm

Estimated price

Product type Cassette awning RESOBOX
Width 4,000 mm
Depth 3,000 mm
Colour Classic colours


Price Product price is available at a request

Technical information

  • The best selling product
  • Protection against sun
  • Minimum size (width x depth): 2,000 x 1,500 mm
  • Maximum size (width x depth): 18,000 x 4,000 mm

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