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The roller blind is located in front of the window in a visible box, so this type of roller blinds is suitable for an additional assembly, because it does not disturb the outer house façade. Moreover, it is very elegant and decorative. The roller blind box is made and supplied in several sizes and shapes. The structure is made of extruded or rolled aluminium, which guarantees high stability and long life of the product. It is mounted in front of the window and fixed to the window frame; if necessary, roller shutters may also be installed in a hole or to the façade. Roller shutters may also be equipped with an integrated net against insects. Thanks to a wide array of colours of the slats and the individual components, you may unleash your imagination. The roller blinds may be operated manually (by means of a cord, handle or belt) and by a drive with use of a remote control device or an inner switch. A drive-operated solution is ideal provided that more roller blinds are operated at once.

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The basic component of the roller blind is a roller armour that is supplied in the following standard colours without any surcharge. The slat colours are as follows: white 01, grown 02, silver 03, grey 04, beige 05, bronze 08, makkasar 09, black 10, elox 13, walnut 16, mahagon 17, golden oak 18, light wood 20, ivory 26, light brown 28, golden oak gentle 38, green 51, red 52, green 55, green 57, green 58, blue 59, grey 64, creamy 65, blue 66, antracit 67, white 71, brown 88, creamy 89 a raw aluminium 90. According to the box size, type of the guide rails, type of the bottom rail and other accessories it is possible to match most of the slat colours with the entire roller blind structure. You may also choose from standard foils (wood imitation) that include walnut F16, golden oak F18, dark oak F19, Irish oak F20, noce balsamico F32, cherry amareto F33, soft cherry F34, douglas fir F39, oregon F40, shogun F42 and sapeli F95. Other colours and foils are available for a surcharge.


In relation to the used type of the box and slats there are several maximum and minimum sizes that can be manufactured. The maximum and minimum roller blind sizes are also affected by the way of operation - manual (cords, ribbons or crank winch) or motor.


The protective box size affects the size of the packet or the roller shutter armour. The greater the roller blind height, the larger the protective box. It may also be claimed that the stronger the slat, the smaller ability of rolling up on a shaft. The box size is also affected by the presence of an integrated rolling net. Roller blind boxes are made of rolled or extruded aluminium. The box inclination may reach 20°, 45° and 90° or it may be spherical or round. Sizes of the protective roller blind boxes are 125, 137, 150, 165, 180 and 205.


The roller blind operation is very easy. The basic (less expensive) option is operation by means of a compensation spring when the roller blind is lifted with use of a handle and the spring rolls the roller blind armour to the shaft. The most popular way of manual operation is a cord. The cord passes through the window profile or wall and rolls up to the retractor in the interior. By means of a simple pulling of the cord you may lower the roller blind or pull it up. The roller blinds are currently most frequently operated by a drive that may be electronic (operated by a switch on the wall or a central switch) or radio (operated by means of a remote control device that is fixed to the wall or may be portable). Roller blinds may currently also be operated by means of a smart phone, tablet or computer with use of various applications.

Advantages of CLASSIC roller blinds

  • Produced in the Czech Republic by MINIROL
  • Components from Belgian producer Building Plastics
  • Above-standard extended 5-year guarantee Drive
  • SOMFY with a 5-year guarantee
  • 30 colours of slats without any surcharge
  • Wide array of guide rails, bottom rails and protective boxes

Estimated price

Product type Roller shutters CLASSIC
Width 1,000 mm
Depth 1,000 mm
Colour RAL 7016
Operated by the SOMFY drive


Price Product price is available at a request

Technical information

  • A product for life
  • An option of electrical operation
  • Colour palette
  • Efficient shading
  • The best selling product
  • Affordable
  • Protection against sun
  • Rain resistance
  • Snow resistance
  • Wind resistance

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