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Modern and functional pots?

When furnishing your new house, you may face a lack of luxurious and at the same time functional accessories. Family company KASPER KOVO with many years of experience in cooperation with top Czech designers proposed several pieces, which they originally wanted to use as decoration of their house. However, they passed their proposals to design engineers who processed them into drawings. The drawings were given to factory managers and the first accessories started to enrich their house and garden.

Today, they offer pots and other accessories to the most demanding customers. They are all fully functional, with a maximum emphasis placed on the processing details.


Advantages of KASPER pots

  • DIAMOND Collection: Unrepeatable shape, direct lines, durability. These features are associated with diamond. We would not find a more suitable symbol to connect the design of Petr Novague with the precision of the KASPER brand. Aluminium pot Diamond is manufactured in two sizes and three colours.
  • TRIANGLE Collection: Triangle is supplied in two sizes and three colours. In connection with the robust pot shape, the LED diode light directed to the flowers creates an unrepeatable solitaire.
  • WAVE Collection: Wave was created with the aim to bring an original design to public spaces. Place 10 pieces in a single line. A backlight directed to the ground will emphasise a tint of luxury in this scenery. It is also suitable for smaller woody plants.
  • DROP Collection: Do not let is stand alone; search for the right place. You may come to the conclusion that you need one more. But rest assured that in the Drop pot everything will look great from all sides.
  • Colourful pot containers: The timeless concept of colours, shapes and materials will also be appreciated by the future generations. Colourful pot containers are made of aluminium and they are designated for use in winter gardens, households, offices or for representation in public buildings.

How does the processing of your inquiry look like?

  1. Contact

    Contacting the customer with confirmation of receipt of the request and providing any specification for the requested product.

  2. Offer

    According to the details, we will send the prepared offer.

  3. Approval

    Contacting the customer to see if he has received the calculation and comments on it.

  4. Measurement

    If interested, you will arrange with our technician / sales manager a personal meeting for the last consultation and final measurement.

  5. Planning

    After receiving the order, we will arrange a delivery and installation date.

We will be happy to advise you on your choice


Do not hesitate to ask us anything or eave us your contact information and we will contact you.


+420 800 150 180


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