Are you looking for modern fences with a design of roller blinds?

This type is a novelty, which you start to see more often at modern family houses. The fence is airy and moreover, it serves as a great protection of your privacy.

Aluminium fence with a NOVA slat is the best selling fencing solution. The aluminium slat resembles outdoor blinds that are currently very favourite in the new buildings. Thanks to the slat shape you can choose a fully non-transparent fence or with larger gaps it may also be transparent. The fence is normally manufactured with horizontal location of the panels but at a request, we are able to install the panels in welded frames, which allow their vertical location.

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All aluminium profiles and components are painted with a powder colour Tiger Drylac for which we offer a 5-year guarantee. The base version (without any surcharge) comprises up to 15 most popular colours that we supply in several versions - semi-matted and gently structured. Structured colours are very popular and only our company supplies them without any surcharge. For a surcharge, you may choose from an array of RAL colours and also from several wood-like Decoral decors. With us you may combine various colours and select more colours for each fence panel.


We manufacture the aluminium fence in line with your requirements, so we are able to supply any size. We deal with every requirement individually. Thanks to the reinforcement profiles we are able to manufacture and install a fence panel of up to 600 cm without any visible break.


Most of the types of fences normally include various types of entrance gates - sliding or winged. We also produce front gates to the plot, rotating panels for trash bins, fixed fence parts for intercom, built-in boxes and others.


All fencing systems that we supply are maintenance-free and therefore, they do not require any maintenance.

Advantages of NOVA fence

  • a good-quality product - made in the Czech Republic
  • An above standard extended 5-year guarantee
  • Aluminium profiles with stainless steel fasteners
  • Surface treatment with the TIGER DRYLAC powder colour with a 5-year guarantee
  • 15 colours for the structure without any surcharge - a fine structure
  • any dimensions and frame welding shapes may be manufactured at a request
  • with use of the 'TIG' technology with invisible seams

Estimated price

Product type Modern aluminium fence NOVA
Width 1,000 mm
Depth 1,000 mm
Colour RAL 7016


Price Product price is available at a request

Technical information

  • A product for life
  • Colour palette
  • A design product
  • The best selling product
  • Minimum size (width x height): 100 x 100 mm
  • Maximum size (width x depth): 6,000 x 2,500 mm
  • Any size

Our realizations

How does the processing of your inquiry look like?

  1. Contact

    Contacting the customer with confirmation of receipt of the request and providing any specification for the requested product.

  2. Offer

    According to the details, we will send the prepared offer.

  3. Approval

    Contacting the customer to see if he has received the calculation and comments on it.

  4. Measurement

    If interested, you will arrange with our technician / sales manager a personal meeting for the last consultation and final measurement.

  5. Planning

    After receiving the order, we will arrange a delivery and installation date.

We will be happy to advise you on your choice


Do not hesitate to ask us anything or eave us your contact information and we will contact you.


+420 800 150 180

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