Make your life outdoor more comfortable?

EGOÉ brings its experience gained in the public space to the area of winter furniture . They watch the work of others, feel the space and its needs and think of the people to whom the furniture should serve.

EGOÉ is currently making its own furniture series that the company designs itself and also together within cooperation with significant Czech designers. Thus, an interesting portfolio has been created comprising products for various groups and the customers’ needs; not only for private homes, but also for public spaces.

It has been a long-term focus of EGOÉ to make the outdoor life of people more comfortable and the company employees strive to come with bold ideas, as well as an original and functional design, as they feel most at home when they are outside.


Advantages of furniture EGOÉ

  • The AXIS series could bear the nickname of an affordable classic. In a way it is very simple, but look well. Even seemingly ordinary items comprise details that will catch your eye.
  • The BISTROT series is suitable for a terrace or a private garden. But you may also use it in public spaces where durability and style are required. Every piece of the furniture is made for a purpose and of uncommonly durable materials, which are simultaneously light and mobile.
  • The CORA series is a result of a pragmatic approach to ergonomics and usefulness in combination with a timeless design. You never know where you will be in a year. But this collection will certainly fit, as if it has always been there.
  • With regard to its generous size, the LAUREDE series serves very well to those who have enough space to enjoy the furniture. It is designed for a garden where striking pieces of furniture are located mostly as solitaire objects.
  • The MÁJ series with a poetic name originated as a distinctive counterpart to the current design minimalism. The organic metal lines in symbiosis with floral motives literally imprint the furniture with a romantic soul and you may feel as if the furnitures was coming into life in front of your eyes.
  • The SENA series is a precise carpentry in the best sense of the word. The entire family will find a place at these all-wood tables and you can also invite precious guests to sit there.

How does the processing of your inquiry look like?

  1. Contact

    Contacting the customer with confirmation of receipt of the request and providing any specification for the requested product.

  2. Offer

    According to the details, we will send the prepared offer.

  3. Approval

    Contacting the customer to see if he has received the calculation and comments on it.

  4. Measurement

    If interested, you will arrange with our technician / sales manager a personal meeting for the last consultation and final measurement.

  5. Planning

    After receiving the order, we will arrange a delivery and installation date.

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