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Outdoor blinds Z-70 are identical with outdoor blinds Z-90 from the technical perspective. Thanks to the smaller width of the slats they look more gentle and airy on the window. The edges of these Z-shaped slats are equipped with a gasket ensuring a perfect and silent clicking and maximum shading that is almost identical as in the case of outdoor roller blinds. The slats may be led in guide rails or by means of a string fixing the blinds in the correct position. Under strong wind, the outdoor blinds with guide rails are more resistant and less noisy than the blinds led by a string. Choose from a wide array of colours - the right slat that will match your house the best.

The gasket fitted in the guide profiles contributes to calm operation of the blinds. The upper profile is made of zinc-coated plate or aluminium. An aluminium cover plate supplied in any RAL colour is used to cover the upper profile and the pulled-up bundle of slats. You may also choose the guide profile and the bottom profile in any colour comprised in the RAL swatch. The outdoor blinds may be operated manually with a handle or with use of an electric motor. A greater living comfort may be reached by using outdoor weather sensors that will ensure full automation of the blinds. Outdoor blinds are elegant and highly functional components of the shading technique that are able to shield up to 85% of sunlight and thus prevent overheating of the interior.

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  • slat width (Z-70=70 mm, Z-90=90 mm)
  • the slats from the Z-70 series are located more densely above each other and the slats create a bigger roll-on
  • type Z-70 is suitable for places with a narrower lining


We supply the slats for outdoor awnings in tens of base colours without any surcharge. You may choose from white 010 (RAL9003 - structured), brown 071 (VSR071 - structured), grey 130 (RAL7038 - structured), silver 140 (RAL9006 - structured), silver140H (RAL9006 - smooth), creamy 240 (VSR240 - structured), anthracite 716 (RAL7016 - structured), grey 737 (RAL7037 - structured), bronze 780 (SW205G - structured), grey 907 (RAL9007 - structured), bronze 908 (SW203G - structured), white 910 (RAL9010 - structured), brown 110 (VSR110 - structured), green 220 (RAL6005 - structured), red 330 (RAL3004 - structured), blue 502 (RAL5002 - structured), blue 514 (RAL5014 - structured), anthracite 721 (RAL7021 - structured), grey 735 (RAL7035 - structured), anthracite DB703 (DB703 - structured) and black 905 (RAL9005 - structured). A surcharge is billed for any other colours of the slats and the delivery deadline is extended.


The maximum size of the outdoor blinds operated by a drive is w 5,000 x h 5,000 mm (maximum area of 20 m2) or maximum size of the outdoor blind operated by a handle is w 5,000 x h 5,000 mm (maximum area of 9 m2) . The minimum width of the blind operated by a drive is 600 mm and with a handle it is 400 mm.


The cover plates we supply are made exclusively of aluminium. Their surface treatment may include elox or at the customer’s request we may paint it with any colour comprised in RAL. The length of the plates is 4 m at the most in a single piece. The thickness of the plates is 1.5 or 2 mm. We offer various types of covering plates for an easier assembly.


is the best concealed case for the subsequent easy mounting of the outdoor blinds. The ISO CASE was developed in a way to prevent occurrence of thermal bridges, facilitate installation of the blinds and be easily and speedily built in any building, including low-energetic and passive houses. It is made of PURENIT with the thickness of 15 mm and comprises envelope boards, side boards and a finishing and installation rail. The front board surface is treated with fleece thanks to which the façade plaster may be applied directly to the front part.


For easy installation of outdoor blinds we supply various types of the upper profile holders – universal (on the ceiling or wall), special for installation on the wall with an extension, for installation in the ceiling including the cover plate, holders for confined spaces and many others. In cooperation with the manufacturer we are able to produce any holder at your requests.

Benefits of blinds Z-70

  • Produced in the Czech Republic by Žaluzie NEVA Prostějov
  • An above-standard guarantee of 48 months
  • Perfect closing of the slats of the outdoor blinds
  • SOMFY drive with a 5-year guarantee
  • 21 colour variants of the slats without any surcharge
  • A maximum dimension of the slats up to 5,000 x 5,000 mm

Estimated price

Product type Outdoor blinds Z-70
Width 1,000 mm
Depth 1,000 mm
Colour RAL 7016
Operated by a radio drive by SOMFY

Product type Outdoor blinds Z-70 Width 1,000 mm Depth 1,000 mm Colour RAL 7016 Operated by a radio drive by SOMFY

Price The product price is available at a request

Technical information

  • An option of weather sensors
  • An option of electrical operation
  • A wide array of colour versions
  • Efficient shading
  • Protection against sun
  • Minimum size (width x height): 600 x 500 mm
  • Maximum size (width x depth): 5,000 x 5,000 mm

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