We implemented another successful project in 2016. On our customer line we were contacted by a customer from Bratislava who was looking for a perfect aluminium pergola with tilting slats for his terrace. During the short phone call we told him all that was needed and we sent him a price offer on the same day. The next day he contacted us and asked for measuring and technical consultation at the site. In the following days we conducted the measuring and agreed on all conditions for successful installation of the tilting pergolas. The resulting agreement comprised 2 tilting pergolas with aluminium posts located only in the front part. In the back part the pergola was anchored to the house wall where a layer of stone cladding had to be removed to prevent water leakage to the terrace. The customer wished that the pergolas, including the slats had anthracite colour. This solution was not the most suitable, as anthracite slats attract the sunshine and get warmer. After a short discussion with the customer we came to a solution that the slats will have grey colour that does not get so warm. Rain water drainage is always arranged to the side where the drive is located, with use of an integrated gutter in the aluminium post and outside the terrace. Tilting pergolas are operated by a linear electric drive by ELERO that is integrated in the pergola structure. The control unit is located in the technical room near the terrace. Easy operation is ensured by means of a portable remote control device. Tilting pergolas are fully maintenance-free and they represent a unique solution. If you are looking for complex protection against sun, wind and snow, pergola PLACEO is the best solution for you. Another successful installation of aluminium pergolas PLACEO with tilting slats was performed in Bratislava in 2016. A set of two tilting pergolas PLACEO was installed on the wall. The front aluminium pergola posts are anchored to the floor. Rain water is drained inside the aluminium structure and through a drainage aluminium post outside the terrace. It is operated by an electrical drive ELERO with use of a remote control device.


Pergolas with tilting slats / PERGOLA PLACEO WITH TILTING SLATS 450

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