We were contacted by our satisfied customer for whom we installed an extensible awning several years ago. In 2017, he decided to extend the area for garden parties and was looking for a suitable roofing solution. We must claim that he has chosen well - the aluminium pergola with PLACEO slats is very suitable as a modern terrace roofing. The pergola will protect you against sun, rain, as well as snow. Therefore, you do not need to store your garden furniture in winter, but you may leave it on the terrace the whole year round. The customer prepared a concrete base and a drain pipe in one of the feet to which we connected the rain water drain. Our experienced installers skilfully dealt with the rough brick base and the terrace slope. Tilting of these slats is ensured by a linear electric drive that is integrated in the pergola structure. Lighting of the space under the pergola is ensured by LED bands that are operated together with the tilting pergola by means of the same portable remote control device. We succeeded in satisfying the requirements of our customer perfectly.


Pergolas with tilting slats / BEST SELLING TILTING PERGOLA PLACEO

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