Placeo Carport is a simple flat car shelter manufactured by the Czech producer, Alaris, that especially fits modern houses. The cladding structure is made of a square profile with the height of 225 mm and sharp edges. The roof is filled with a trapezoidal aluminium sheet with the strength of 1.2 mm that is painted from the outer side with RAL 9006. The bottom side of the sheet is grey. The roof load is 1,200 N/m2.

SUN SYSTEM, s.r.o. is an authorized assembly partner of Alaris, the manufacturer, as concerns supplies of the Placeo pergolas and shelters, and simultaneously, the largest purchaser of these pergolas in the region of the Czech and Slovak Republic and Austria.

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The car shelter structure may be made as free-standing or as partly anchored to the house wall. In the case of the free-standing option, the shelter may be built on 4, 6 or 9 webs according to the required size. The drain system is solved by means of an envelope frame and the corresponding web, which may accommodate a DN 50 pipe or a flexible PVC hose or spout. The number of drain webs is set in relation to the shelter size. The shelter webs have a square shape sized 120 x 120 mm. Anchoring of the webs is carried out with use of painted aluminium plates with the strength of 10 mm in various versions depending on the location. The shelter is not 100% waterproof.


The entire shelter structure is treated with a top-quality powder colour supplied by the Austrian manufacturer, Tiger Drylac, with a 5-year guarantee. The surface treatment is carried out exclusively in a paint room that owns both certificates - Qualicoat and GSB. The surface of the pergolas is available in matted and gently structured versions (FSM) for classic RAL colours. The base price offer includes most of the most popular and less familiar colours, including:

RAL1015,RAL7006,RAL7015,RAL7016,RAL7022,RAL7023,RAL7030,RAL7035,RAL7036,RAL7040,RAL7042,DB703,RAL7043,RAL7045,RAL7047, RAL8003,RAL8014,RAL8016,RAL8017,RAL8023,RAL8028,RAL9001,RAL9002,RAL9003,RAL9005,RAL9006,RAL9007,RAL9010,RAL9016

Your pergola will gain an exclusive look using the special Decoral technology. This design effect is reached by applying a special powder colour with the subsequent ink sublimation from the transfer foil in which the painted object is located. This foil is able to transfer decorations, such as wood, granite, marble or other atypical patterns. A surcharge is billed for this surface treatment at a request and the delivery deadline is extended. A standard 24-month guarantee is provided for this surface treatment. Below see a small example of the Decoral colours.


The maximum possible size with 4 webs is 6,000 x 5,000 mm; 6,000 mm is the parking space length and 5,000 mm is its depth (along the sheet slope). The minimum shelter size is 4,000 x 2,500 mm (4,000 mm is the parking space length and 2,500 mm is its depth).


This version of car shelters is fully maintenance-free and therefore it does not require any special maintenance. We recommend to clean the structure time to time with clean water without use of any detergents.

Advantages of shelters Placeo Carport

  • Made in the Czech republic
  • extended 5-year guarantee
  • snow load of 1200 N/m2
  • an option of a large module size 6,000 x 5,000 mm with only 4 webs
  • an integrated water drain
  • a wide array of RAL colours include

Estimated price

Product type Aluminium car shelter Placeo Carport
Width 4,000 mm
Depth 2,500 mm
Colour RAL 7016
Operation The pergola does not have any movable parts


Price € 3 611

Technical information

  • A product for life
  • A design product
  • Protection against sun
  • Rain resistance
  • Wind resistance
  • Snow resistance
  • Minimum size (width x depth): 4,000 x 2,500 mm
  • Maximum size (width x depth): 6,000 x 5,000 mm

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